Wild Man Beard Oil

Are you walking around with a wild man beard? Brad-Pit-Before-and-After-BeardYou probably are looking for a great conditioner or quality
beard oil.

You can find all of my new products on my main home page and also on product discount coupon code page. I use to feature a ton of special offers to my email list so now I limit it to a few of my favorite and my own special offers on some new quality beard care products I know you can rely on.

I have been in this niche for 2 years now and over the last few months I have been actively blogging on multiple blogs including his one. I also started building a line of my own products from the help of many others. I use a lot of my DIY recipes to help make great beard balms, waxes and conditioners along with great beard combs, brushes and mustache accessories.

I have tried a lot of different products from so many different companies including One DTQ, The Bearded Chap and list can keep on going. I recently started putting out my home made recipes into full production with a beard care facility.

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Beard?

  1. Your Beard will look healthy and shiny
  2. Feel softer
  3. Smell clean and fresh
  4. Easier to mold and maintain facial hair
  5. Promote healthier and softer skin
  6. Help promote a thicker beard

Why Grow a Beard and Mustache in 2016?

  1. Because your a man
  2. Because your a man
  3. Because your a man

Watch this video

George-Clooney-Wild-man-beardIts no secret that growing facial hair is a new trend and becoming extremely popular. It is definitely becoming more socially accepted even in the work place. Not just the rugged average Joe rocks a beard
anymore. You will see actors, business men and celebrities with facial scruff and wild man beards. I actually just met a bank manager the other day and he had a killer beard. He said to me he is surprised he has not been told to cut it by his boss yet. I told him to just keep it maintained and looking healthy with a sharp shape up and tight lines with a straight edge razor and I can’t see why anyone would say anything.

My five steps to grooming my beard

  1. Wash with my Royal Beard Shampoo
  2. I leave my beard somewhat damp and I run my wide tooth comb through it
  3. I then use a few drops of beard oil and make sure I use my finger tips to weave through my facial hair and massage my skin beneath the hair.
  4. I add 2 more drops and rub my palms together and just give my whole beard an even rub down
  5. I grab my boar bristle Royal Beard Brush to evenly brush and sculpt.

I do this right before I go to bed and also in the morning. I also use balm usually during mid-day and mustache wax only on special occasions. This all depends on the length and thickness. Obviously make educated decisions on how much oil, balm and wax to use. Start off with a dime size and you can always add more. Make sure you comb your beard and mustache.

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