Texas Beard Company Reviews

Hey Aj here again,

Hope you browsed around and found some incredible beard product deals. I will be adding more and more each week so join my list. I know you are looking for my review on Texas Beard Company. So I am going to give you my honest opinion once again. First off I have to say thanks to all my readers and I just finished an interview with Royal Beard Club to help them produce high-quality premium beard oils and products at a no brainer price for you and me. These oil blends feel like silk in your palm. Now just because I helping develop some of the best deals and products for all my bearded followers this does not mean I still won’t be testing out and giving my honest reviews and opinions on many other companies.

I recently just used some of Texas beard products and I will say I enjoyed the scent of their beard balm a lot. The oil was not so bad the scent was also light but did not last very long. I also will mention I am always looking for premium blends that contain a lot less greasy ingredients that absorb quickly. 100% Argan oil is one of these incredible ingredients. I am starting to notice many beard companies are using a high amount of low-end cheap carrier oils that really don’t give the same benefits.

Now do not get me wrong some of these oils will still help maintain the beard somewhat but I am all about paying for quality and If I am looking to really make my beard soft, help maintain and relieve itchiness then I am definitely not going to be buying cheap oils and balms. When I was being interviewed by Royal Beard Club they took my reviews seriously and they also have been set out to make some of the top quality beard club kits and products to hit the market. James one of the CEO’s of RBC gave me a few samples of their oils and I can tell you there is a huge difference in quality beard care vs cheaply made

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Here are a few of Texas beard products I used.

  • Big Thicket Beard Balm
  • Big Ticket Beard Oil
  • Mustache Wax

If your in the process of growing your beard here is a video for inspiration! Have patience and apply the right care.