Royal Beard Club

#1 Recommended Beard Oil on the Market. They also have a great balm and wax. I received a gift set a few months ago and the packaging and quality of the oils were by far the best I have ever used. Silky, light and shiny. I am going to break down a few key things about their beard oils because I absolutely love them.


Beard Oil-1oz bottle only $19.99(Incredible Deal)


Royal Blend-Unscented

Royal Mint– Smells like a Candy Cane

Royal Citrus– Smells exactly the same as when you peel an orange

Royal Pine– Smells like cedarwood with a hint of pine needles from a Christmas tree

My personal favorite is the Royal Mint but I use all of them including the unscented oil. They are all great and contain all natural high-quality premium oils. Check out their ingredients. I also heard they are coming out with an exclusive organic beard oil with a male body spray scent. I can’t wait to receive my bottle. Remember you heard about it here first. Most likely if I love it it will be on my featured banner and I will also try to get Royal Beard Club to do a special coupon code for all my followers.


All Natural oils in every blend including 100% Argan, JoJoba, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed. They also have some exclusive blends that contain coconut oil, meadowfoam, and a few other expensive and all natural premium secrets.

I compare a ton of oils and, believe me there are a lot of garbage products out there online and in stores. I also find some hidden gems and I remember getting my first bottle of RBC before they started becoming a bigger name in this industry.

This really is a no brainer if you have not tried this incredible beard conditioner yet then you are missing out. It is a great price for the quality. Most beard oils are priced around $15-$25 and their blends are junk. Cheap grapeseed and almond oil or castor oil, almond and grapeseed. Now don’t get me wrong these oils are helpful but they are not as powerful in my opinion as Argan and JoJoba and a few of the other higher end expensive blends.





Just like using any product I always tell everyone you need consistency and some time to see the overall full effect. You will definitely notice a significant difference in the shine and texture of your mustache and beard once you start applying Royal Beard Club products.

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