Lumberjack’s Beard Oil

So I am here with another honest review. I recently received my Lumberjack beard products and I must say I am very pleased. I was not sure at first what to expect because I have been using and comparing leading beard brands like BeardBrand, The Bearded Bastard, and Texas Beard Company who all made my top picks, as did this new soon to be monthly favorite: LumberJack

They have a small but well made selection of oils that have beat out my expectations. They will certainly meet yours if you want some of the best beard oils with a variety of different scents. Whether you like a sweet minty aroma or an earthy citrus fragrance you are at the right place.

2015 Lumberjack beard conditioning oils 


Here are the different Scents and My Review

Alpine Blast- This oil has a refreshing tingling sensation once applied leaving you with a peppermint fresh scent.

Citrus Breeze- A blast of a citrus and light lemon scent. Almost as if they squeeze some fresh orange into the blend.

Enchanted Pine Forest-“One of My Favorites” smells like fresh pine trees with earthy outdoors.

The Cedar Mill- If fresh split cedar wood was liquified and bottled then this is exactly what it would be called. This is my go to after the gym right after I hit the shower.

They also offer and unscented oil for anyone who just wants a quality beard conditioner that works great for sensitive skin but will still give a great shine and moisturize.

All of these oils had a good hold. The scent of them did not wear off to soon and my beard was shiny for hours. I must say it is always hard to compare which beard oils last the longest and give the best shine, texture and feel but a lot of this is preference and depends on how long your beard is. If you want my suggestion visit my top beard brand picks.

Lumberjack’s business

They are fairly new to this market but they definitely surprised me with what they have put out so far this 2015.

With so many lumber jack scented oils out there it does get confusing when looking for the best natural beard balms or you may also get confused when hearing about this brand because many other companies use this as either one of their product lines or a specific scent.

This company does not have any grooming kits, beard brushes or accessories. They just focus on providing all natural beard oil. The small selection makes the website very easy to buy from and navigate.

For Starters and some Tips

You can visit their blog page and get some really incredible tips and training on beard styles, what is new in this industry and also a lot about celebrity trends.

Application of their beard products is the same for every other brand. Depending how long your beard is put about a nickel size drop into your palm and make sure you use the tips of your fingers to really force the oil to penetrate the skin under the facial hair then work your way out massaging the full beard.

I then like to use a brush to shape it nice. Many Videos like this one will help you understand the power

Pricing for Oils

All of the oils cost $19.99 plus shipping. They all are in nice branded 1oz bottles. They offer great customer support with a 24/7 phone number to contact with any questions or concerns. If your looking for cheaper Dollar Beard Club types of oil or programs this is not the company for you.

You can get FREE shipping if you spend $100.00 or more and they really stand behind their products with a 30 day money back guarantee.

I really like how LumberJack did not clutter their website with just a ton of other low end accessories like many other suppliers. When you become a bearded lumber-jack member this is one place you can get different all natural scented oils in one place. I bought all five of their oils and I can honestly say that they all deserve a fairly good rating. Of course I have my top picks out of this brand but again this is all preference especially when it comes to specific aromas.

I am sure as this brand grows new scents and products will unfold. With so many companies launching mustache and beard products it can become overwhelming to know which are natural or organic and made with care and quality. Always look to see where the products are made and being shipped from.

A Guarantee made by

All of Lumberjack’s conditioners are made, packaged, and distributed in Canada. This is where their headquarters is located.

Only 5 oils released so far all made with natural ingredients mostly made of almond oil, jojoba and Vitamin E. Also carrier oils to help with the long last of the fresh scents and softness.

  • Almond oil will help aid with growth and texture without leaving a greasy feeling like some other brands ingredients.
  • the jojoba is significant for hair strength and keeps your beard looking alive and healthy. This oil is from a very powerful plant that resides in deserts.
  • Vitamin E is not only a great for moisturizing your skin but is believed to help with split end prevention and growth process.
  • Argan oil the well-known beauty ingredient in many products has proven to be a significant additive to really help and support hair and skin.

Added essential oils to each different scent is also a big help in particular aromas and

Shop at the right place for quality beard oil.

More importantly from my testing and thorough real review of this product I also had the pleasure of reaching out to the company and I can tell you first hand that they are passionate about their product and take pride in building a reputation.

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