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I just used honest amish beard oil

Honest Amish Products: The Ingredients

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I had recently heard of the brand Honest Amish. Honestly, I was intrigued by their name, but I was even more intrigued by the products they offered. Basically, their products were for beards. They had so many great items and I knew that my boyfriend would probably want one of each since he was all about his beard. He was picky, too, and was always looking for new beard products that were made from good ingredients.

I did some research to see if I could find out about the ingredients in Honest Amish products. I quickly found the company’s site and read all about them. I learned that all of their beard products were made from scratch using their own recipes. I also learned that the ingredients they used were organic, sustainable, and 100% natural. My boyfriend had sensitive skin, and would also appreciate that there were no fragrances or chemicals in the Honest Amish products. And one of my favorite things was their products were never put into plastic containers.

Not only did Honest Amish use natural and sustainable ingredients, but they also made quite a few items that I wanted to get for my boyfriend. They had a few different beard balms and beard waxes. They also had handmade soaps, lip balms, and salves. I decided to order my boyfriend the Beard Survival Kit from Honest Amish as I felt like it had everything in it that he needed to maintain his beard.

A few days after I placed my order with Honest Amish, it arrived at my door. I hadn’t told my boyfriend about what I had found because I wanted to surprise him. He loved surprises so I was excited to give him the items I purchased for him. After the good reviews I read about the company, I wasn’t too worried, but I still wanted to open up the package and see and touch the stuff for myself.

Boy, was I shocked when I felt the beard wax and other products. Not only was the bag that the beard items came in, but all of the products for the beard were such good quality. I knew that once my boyfriend got a hold of them, his beard would look so much better than it already did.

When my boyfriend got home I gave him his surprise. He loved it before he had even tried it. I guess he had heard of the company and wanted to give them a try. Now he would get the chance to, and I knew that he would love it all.

I was right, my boyfriend loved the products that I purchased for him from Honest Amish. Plus, his beard looked so much better. It was soft and not frizzy, and looked like it had been freshly trimmed, even though it hadn’t. He told me that the beard balm, soap, and wax were some things that he never wanted to be without so I decided to stock up on them.