Dollar Beard Club

Is it true? Can you really join a beard club for only 1 Dollar? Let’s take a deep look and get a real true and honest review.


You may have saw many videos or commercials that gave you a good chuckle and told you to be a man and join the club over on the website Well since I am big on using quality beard care products I decided to join and give this funny brand a try. I will say you should be a man and grow a beard!

First thing I noticed when joining through the website is there are a lot of upsells which I don’t mind I understand good marketing but for some people like my uncle that hates confusing advertising he would hate this whole upselling sales funnel. About three pages of add to the cart buttons. He rather just buy what he was looking for and call it a day. I also noticed you can get a .05 ounce of original or sandalwood-scented oil which is a small bottle compared to all the other beard oil companies out there such as  beard brand or beard baron but still for one dollar this still sounds like an incredible deal right?


  1. 2 oz beard oil for additional $4.00 per month
  2. 1 oz tin can of beard balm for an additional $7.00 per month
  3. 2 oz beard cream for additional $8.00 per month
  4. .5 oz of wax for additional $6.00 per month
  5. 4 oz of shampoo for additional $10.00 per month
  6. Large 8oz shampoo for additional $17.00 per month
  7. 8 oz of body wash for an additional $9.00 per month
  8. 1 oz of “growth” oil for an additional $8.00 per month
  9. growth vitamins for an additional $19.00 per month
  10. Beard brush for an additional $9.00 
  11. Beard comb for an additional $5.00
  12. Stainless comb for an additional $15.00 
  13. Money clip for an additional $19.00 

So lets do the math $136.00 Pretty Crazy BUT some of this stuff can be very useful. I would look for a beard kit preferably organic blends that include a quality brush, comb, oils, wax, balm and shampoo. Even if this cost you $100-$200 you will have at least a 2 month supply and it will be organic and I know a few top brand companies now selling these kits. Look at my featured items above in the banner image or check out this club.

Yes this is a lot of products thrown at you one after another. I also see they promote two different oils? My new product development with Royal Beard Club is an organic oil that not only stops itchy beard, makes it soft, smooth and shiny but also promotes growth for a full thicker beard along with healthy skin. Yes this is more of a $15-$20 price point for 1 full ounce but it lasts long and is really organic. Some extra products are good and you should be aware of them such as a good beard boars bristle brush, quality beard comb and a great shampoo.

Shipping And Taxes

Yes you will also need to pay shipping and taxes. My shipping and taxes cost me $3.99 and that was just for half ounce of oil I am not sure if shipping goes up with multiple items.

Well the first thing we will look at is the ingredients like I always do. If it says Natural this does not mean organic just remember that.


  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Cedarwood Atlas
  • Fir Needle

I must say for the price these are great recipes and essential oil blends. But we do not know how much of the more quality oils are really in the mix. Argan being the most expensive ay only have a drop or two in each bottle just so that quality ingredient can be in the ingredient section. The one thing I do not see is an organic label so most likely it is just natural. I can tell you from my experience in blending my own organic beard care products it cost me much more than $1 dollar to make my organic mixes.

I look out for the cheap oils because they do not absorb as well and are more greasy. I am not looking to spread motor oil on my face. LoL

 Keep in mind this is a monthly subscription that you are signing up for on

You may have also heard of 2 Dollar beard Club. Honestly, I am not sure how this company exactly works but if I had to guess it is probably very similar to all of these cheap monthly beard clubs. Feel free to try them at your own risk and report back to me your experience. I always say do not just buy what you think is cool but do your homework and read reviews. Also when it comes to scents this is a personal preference so make a wise decision. I suggest maybe ordering small sample packs if the company offers that. You can always play it say and go for a unscented organic blend that is deodorized with no fragrance.

Lets face it beards are taking over in 2016 whether it is in the corporate world, average 9-5 guy or a business owner I am seeing beards growing everywhere and I must say I love it. 2016 I am here for all of my bearded brothers. Creating some undeniable beard care kits so look out and follow me and we can grow and spread the word together. If you just have a mustache these items are also great for you. Trimmers, wax and comb can help you most definitely with your man hood.

Funny and Crazy Dan Bilzerian Video

I must admit these videos are pretty damn funny I love the whole branding. I remember a few years ago when I got a glimpse of similar marketing done by dollar shave club. Not sure if they are somehow in business together but its pure genius.

A little off the subject but I will be adding some reviews and video to a whole new web site design and layout my team and I are currently working on. Don not worry we will still be sharing nothing but 100 percent freshly squeezed content from me.