The Hottest Beard Trends For 2016


For the last several years, beards have enjoyed a rising popularity. Considered by many to be the epitome of manliness, the beard has been worn by Spartans, conquistadors, Viking warriors, world leaders, and special forces soldiers. From Steve Jobs to Lincoln, beards are considered to carry an aura of regality, mystery and sexiness. You can find the latest beard styles and beard care product coupons and special offers all right here.

There is no one size of shape for these beards, the beard is as personal to the individual as their state in clothes. There are literally hundreds of types of beards, but here is our list of the top ten for 2016.

The Full Victorian Beard

These are the beards requiring the least amount of grooming effort. These beards first surfaced when the British lifted the ban on beards during the Crimean War. The restriction was lifted because soap was scarce and the cold winters made shaving close to impossible. Following the war, many returned with full beards and the public began associating a full beard with integrity, courage, soldiery, and honor.

The Tight Beard

This is a closely shaven beard which follows the line of the chin. This type of beard keeps the facial hair tidy and neat and within the facial symmetry bounds. To produce a good tight beard set your trimmer to between two and three millimeters.

The Shadow Or Stubble Beard

This look is popular among the Hollywood celebrities which makes it popular among many beard wearers. If you can quickly grow facial hair and have a strong chin, you can work a shadow beard. It is not hard to maintain, simply set your trimmer between .5 and 1 millimeter and go to work.

The Tony Stark

This type of beard was named after Iron Man from the movie. The look may not be good for everyone, but if you are between thirty-five and forty-five and have a lean, strong face, you should be able to pull it off.

The Spartan

This is a variant of the full beard, but is trimmed a bit more on the cheeks and emphasizes the chin and jaw.

The Biker Beard

This beard connects a heavy goatee to a walrus mustache. The heavy mustache makes it appear heavier and tougher. Add a Harley and you are ready to move.

Van Dyke

This is a type of goatee beard, but the chin hair and the mustache do not connect. The style of the Van Dyke can also differ, ranging from oval to triangular. The French Beard style of goatee has been popular in France for more than two hundred years.

The Chin Strap

This is a more modern, trendy beard which sports growth on the under edge of the jawline. The facial hair then extends up to join the sideburns. This look may not be for everyone, but some seem to like it.

The Classic Goatee

This style consists of a thick beard worn on the chin, but not connected to the mustache. It is clean and simple and still very popular.

These are the top beard trends for 2016. While not each will look good on everyone, they will be the most popular look of the year.