The Essentials For Good Beard Maintenance


Your facial hair is different than the hair on your head. This means that you will care for your beard differently than you will care for the hair on your head. It is not any more complicated, but the methods and tools used will differ. So lets take a further look into quality beard essentials for a better understanding.

The first step is to ensure you keep your beard clean and conditioned. You can simply use the same shampoo and conditioner on your beard that you do on your hair. If your beard is gray, good conditioning is even more important because gray hair can grow in more thickly and be more bristly than other facial hair. Conditioning helps keep the beard soft and kissable. If your beard is especially bristly or unruly, try using a tiny bit of beard conditioner to tame your whiskers. Cleaning and conditioning your beard is an important first step, but there are other important methods to keep your beard in good shape.

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To give your beard the best shape, find a good barber and ask them to professionally trim your beard. It may be hard to find a good barber who can do a good beard trim, but it is possible. Once your beard is professionally trimmed and shaped, it will be easier to maintain it at home.

Use Shave Oil

When you shave and trim your beard, use a clear shave oil so that you can see what you are doing. Using this type of oil also helps ensure the lines around your beard are clean.

Use A Good Trimmer

Invest in a good quality trimmer. This is key to keeping your beard well-groomed. Select a trimmer with a trimming guide which can be adjusted. This helps prevent mistakes when trimming your beard. Try and not use scissors because it is difficult to keep your beard even and neatly trimmed. You can use two sizes of clippers, if necessary, to keep your beard trimmed. A small, fine toothed clipper or trimmer allows you to cut more closely and results in a clean outline for your beard. A full sized trimmer or clipper is good to produce a quality overall trimming.

Keep It Combed

Use a fine-tooth comb to keep your beard smooth. This type of comb can help keep your beard tangle-free and looking good.

Color Carefully

If your beard is a dramatically different color from the hair on your head or is graying, you may decide to try to color it. There are specifically formulated dyes made for use on facial hair. They may even be used at home. Carefully follow the instructions on the package to produce the best result. It is important to apply the color evenly and consistently and do not try and color facial hair immediately after a shower.

Keep A Mirror Handy

When you are trimming or coloring your beard, keep a good wall mirror handy. The type with the extendable arm is the best since it will help prevent the need to lean over the sink.

A well-trimmed and maintained beard puts your best face forward. Keep it maintained and clean and you will enjoy all the benefits of a great beard.