Product Ingredients


Good Beard Care Ingredients?

Beardbrand is an online company, founded in 2012 by Eric Bandholz, in an effort to offer quality grooming products to men. They cater specifically to those in the beard market, and started with just beard oils, but have now moved to offer a range of other products and accessories. They state that the ingredients are top quality and only sourced from other companies who have a passion for their own business, so this article will explore how those ingredients stack up.

Beard Oil

This is the premium beard oil from one of the top brands in the marketplace right now. This is also of its signature products, and one of the most successful. The beard oil is made with the highest quality ingredients, such as essential oils and top quality carrier oils. This blend means it gives the facial hair a very vibrant and healthy look as well as offering a great scent (which many people will pick up on and compliment).

It has been designed in a certain manner, to make it very lightweight, so that the beard stays shiny, while also being well conditioned. Aside from this, the blend of oils means that the beard hairs will stay well hydrated, as well as being soft. This helps to reduce or eliminate dandruff. One of the major issues that men face with beard oils is the greasy factor. Well, with Beardbrand beard oil, this is not an issue at all, as it is lightweight and grease free.

With their range of beard oils, you can choose from tree ranger, spiced citrus, four vices, temple smoke, lumber yard, blank slate, urban garden, as well a number of others. This means you can find the scent that fits your style. All ingredients are natural and complement the oils themselves.

Mustache Wax

The mustache wax comes in small 0.15oz tubes that can fit in any pocket very easily. They allow you to condition and style your mustache, and the ingredients are few and natural. They include jojoba oil, essential oils, as well as lanolin and beeswax.

Beard and Shave Soaps

These soaps are sourced from Hudson Made and designed to cleanse your beard, but retain its natural oils (which some soaps will strip and remove). The beard and shave soaps come in original scent, as well as cedar and citron. This is a great product to soften and clean the beard, as it will help to moisturize the skin and keep the hairs themselves looking healthy.


The ingredients in the range of Beardbrand products are very high quality and offer value to their customers. They are sourced from genuine suppliers of value, and the products themselves have been recommended and praised by many men. While some customers have commented that the prices are sometimes a little high, they also note that the products (especially the beard oils) last for a long time. One customer stated that he expected the beard oil to last for at least one year.