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Regardless of how long you prefer your facial hair, you have got to know how to take care of it. There is much more to know when it comes to taking care of a beard. From the short, rugged or scruffy look to the long, lumberjack look here are a few quick personal tips.

If you are new to the bearded lifestyle, then you probably don’t know that there is an art to the proper care of the beard. If you are looking for help with your beard, then you came to the right place. The Beard Brand Co. came about to help men like you take care of the beard you are so proud of. All the products they produce are made from the highest quality ingredients in order to deliver the best products they can.

The flagship of their products is their beard oil and they also offer products from other manufacturers that adhere to their own standards and delivers the best quality products. When you visit their website you will see for yourself what they’re about.

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BeardBrand Review

The primary product line that Beard Brand offers is their Beard Oil and it is the basis for their beard care system. Let’s start from the beginning and talk about what is beard oil and how it works. Beard Brand Beard Oils are a combination of ingredients that include all natural essential oils along with a variety of oils to provide the desired, healthy look of the beard without the greasy look. All of their beard oils begin with a base of jojoba oil and then add additional ingredients to help achieve the desired results.

Much like the hair on top of your head, the beard comes in many different types and finding the correct beard oil can be a tricky proposition. Beard Brand offers three different lines of beard oils; Silver, White and Gold. Each line features a unique blend of ingredients that all deliver the best results.

Silver Line

The Silver Line is Beard Brand’s core line of beard oils and each starts with a base of Jojoba Oil, grapeseed, castor and almond oils. This combination of light oils won’t weigh down your beard or leave it with a greasy feel. This line features three unique beard oil formulas


Tree Ranger Beard Oil The Tree Ranger is their most popular of all beard oils and the addition of eucalyptus, pine wood and cedar gives it a fresh forest scent.

Tea Tree Beard Oil This crisp, fresh scent is a combination of Tea Tree, Peppermint and Vanilla oils. These three scents create a refreshing scent.

Spiced Citrus Beard Oil This beard oil combines the citrus scent of grapefruit, vanilla and spicy scent of cloves. This one has enjoyed wide-ranging appeal.

White Line

The White Line beard oils are as they call them a main street type of product. They each only include 2 unique scents added to a base of jojoba, grapeseed, apricot and castor oils. The combination of the oils are wont leave your beard feeling greasy.

Lumber Yard Beard Oil As you would expect from the name, the combination of sandalwood and cedar oils gives it a more woodsy fragrance. This makes for a good fall and winter beard oil.

Urban Garden Beard Oil The fresh aromas of fennel and elemi gives off a fresh airy smell that is perfect for spring and summer.

Blank Slate Beard Oil The Blank Slate beard oil does not include any additional oils, this makes it a good choice if you have allergies to any of the oils found in the other two products.

Gold Line

The Gold Line is their top-of-the-line beard oil, they put only the best ingredients into this product. It starts with a base of four oil quality oils; jojoba, castor, argan and grapeseed. They choose these oils especially for their unique, lightweight properties and greaseless consistency.

Four Vices Beard Oil Along with the premium oils in its base, Four Vices includes an additional four unique oils to give it a more masculine scent. These four added oils include; hemp cannabis, coffee, hops and tobacco.

Additional Beard Care Products

Beard Brands added several other products to its high quality beard oils to help guys take care of their beards. These are items like combs, waxes, trimming scissors, brushes, soaps and specially assembled kits.

Beard Care Kits and Accessories

  • Beard Trimming Scissors
  • Silver Line Beard Wash
  • Silver Line Beard Softener
  • Fellow Barber Texture Paste
  • Beard Brand Beard Combs; Large, pocket sized and mustache
  • Boar’s Hair Brush
  • Mustache Wax (available in all the scents from their line of beard oils)
  • Beard and Shave Soap; Cedar, Original, Citron and Workers scented)

Beard Grooming Kits

Beard Brand put together several kits that include their products at a special price that saves you some money off the normal, individual products.

Silver Beard Wash & Softener Set

Beardsman’s Kit

Beardsman’s Box

Beardsman’s Minimalist Kit

Explorer Kit

Beard Brand Oils Collections

Beard Brand Mustache Wax 3-packs

Double Leather Cuffs

My Final Thoughts

The people at Beard Brands came up with the idea for the company to solve a problem and over several years they have developed their high-quality products for those men who enjoy the bearded lifestyle. They know that it takes much more to take care of a beard than just to wash it.

You may have seen them on television when they were invited to pitch their company on the extremely popular show, Shark Tank. While they ultimately did not get a deal from any of the sharks, they did benefit greatly from their experience.

They produce and sell beard care products that are made from all-natural oils. Each of the oils are chosen for its unique properties and how well they blend together. Along with the oils, they offer beard care products and even created specially priced kits.

If you are someone who has a nice beard and are looking for some specially made products for beard or if you know someone who would benefit from any of the products we mentioned above, just click here and see it for yourself.