Beard Bomb

You can find many beard products right here on Amazon along with featured products. I also have a ton of reviews on gread beard care companies and also things to look out for. If your new to using beard products then click on these images below and learn more about a quality brand, different scents and how to care for your beard.










I have been making my own oils for a very long time now. I started off experimenting with balms and waxes about 3 years ago and out of nowhere it has become an insane trend. I love testing out new brands and leaving reviews. My brother and best friend also help me out making how to videos and giving their honest feedback because I get sent some many different samples at once.

For me its not just finding and sharing the best deals both also finding products that actually work well. I recently bought a beard brush off eBay  and it was horrible. It was advertised as boars bristles but felt more like plastic digging into my skin. See I spent about $12 bucks on that brush but would have spent double that price to actually get a quality real 100% boars bristle brush from a legitimate company.

You have to be careful buying anything online these days. It is very sad but true. People do not give a crap about you or quality in a product. Most items are being sold from overseas and yu really have no clue what you are getting. Fake claims and fake cheap ingredients. I look for everything made in the USA not because you cannot find decent things over seas but I like people like myself who have a passion and take real pride in the products they produce.

This is why I started making my own line of products for 2016. All my recipes and product ideas started right here in my basement that now turned into pretty much my laboratory.

You can visit my recent post about needing Wild Man beard oil and learn why this has become a new trend even in the celebrity world. Leonardo DiCaprio and many other stars have been seen in Hollywood sporting a beard. Maybe it is for new roles but this has become so popular amongst the latest stars.

Feel free to visit my social media pages to getting the latest trends and news going on with men’s fashion. Be sure to check back and get the best deals on all your beard care kits. Soon I will be blogging about specific items of my own unless I come across something incredible and its a must share.