How To NATURALLY Grow a Perfect Beard Under 30 Days! | 6 Tips For Fast & Thick Beard Growth


– Let it grow! Even if it’s patchy, or you only grow a hair on your chin, if you don’t shave it you are bound to have a beard at one point or the other. All you gotta do is follow the rest of the steps im about to give you to further enhance that beard and make it thicker.

– Exfoliate your skin about 2-3 times a week – you can either get an exfoliating mask or use face wash and a loofa. By doing this, you will remove the dead skin cells which not only allows for more hair growth in that area but also stimulates blood circulation which also wakes up some of those sleeping cells and gets them to work and start making some new hair!

– Have a skin care routine for yourself which will not only keep your skin clean and protect you against acne but also by frequently cleaning your skin everyday ensures that nothing is blocking your pores which can have a major effect on your hair growth journey.

– Be sure to use a moisturizer with eucalyptus which also helps with facial hair growth.

– Get plenty of rest – Here is the thing man if you are not sleeping enough know it or not it is taking a heavy toll on your body. Lack of sleep will not only stress you out which is a leading cause of grey hair and balding but also stop the cellular reproduction in your body. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep will help you damaged skin cells repair themselves and promote beard growth.
– Take biotin – Biotin is a dietary supplement that you can find at your local grocery store but what is essentially is, is a vitamin which helps promote more hair growth

– Beard oil – doesn’t matter if you have a patchy beard or not beard oil will definitely help with hair growth in that area because it will nourish your skin underneath. Adding beard oil to your regimen can speed up your beard growth from up to 2 to 6 times faster. So give that beard some love.

– Have a well balanced diet & stay hydrated – avoid eating junk and start eating foods that are high in protein and start incorporating more green into your diet as these will provide the natural essential ingredients for your body to do its job properly. Take care of your body and it will thank you with thicker, fuller, and healthier facial hair.

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