How To Apply: Gnarly Beard Co Beard Oil


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Description: Our beard oil is a blend of three carrier oils and the desired fragrance. Our beard oil can
be used for all beard lengths and hair types, but it is best used for shorter beards as a beard conditioner
and skin conditioning for medium to longer hair beards. As the beard grows, your skin will produce
only so much natural oils to fully condition itself and your beard. The longer your beard gets, the more
the hair needs the nourishing qualities of the skins oils, so just like the roots of a tree, it begins
absorbing until the skin becomes dry.

Application: We suggest this product to be used first after patting your beard dry, immediately after
showering. Using the dropper provided, apply the oil directly to the skin through the beard,
concentrating on any itchy patches of skin. Then, using a beard comb or boars hair brush, spread the
oil through the beard.

Why: Our oil assists the skin with natural oil production. Once the skin has its natural oils absorbed by
the beard, its unable to maintain production of enough to protect itself and assist in conditioning the
beard. Without the use of our oil, the skin will become itch, and the beard will become brittle and dry