Best Beard Oils and How To Use Them

My best DIY beard oil ingredients

Beard-OilIf you are new to the trending beard world you may be asking what is Beard Oil and how does it work?

My name is Adam and I am what you would call a bearded enthusiast. That’s a picture of my mean mug to the left. I grow my facial hair long and scruffy on and off and a few years ago I discovered my own concoction of what was my secret beard oil recipe.

You can find out more about my product and myself here. I will also be sharing do it your-self recipes as I blog more. But my main focus of this website is to help educate you and also share with you some excellent recommendations when it comes to beard products.

I am a New York native and I can assure you with all the seasonal changes from hot and muggy to frigid cold I have been testing different blends of facial balms in for the last 3 years and I will say different brands offer different qualities and scents. We all live in different places and have different tastes so its good to test out some of the more qualified recommendations and it is also good to hear some real reviews and testimonials from myself and some of my other bearded brothers.

Fortunately now you don’t have to “Do It Yourself”, there are so many products to assist with cleaning and conditioning your facial hair no matter the length. Filled with conditioning elements like grape seed oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil, it is necessary for sustaining facial hair.

Most men do not believe they need to use these products whatsoever. But the truth is men have to maintain their facial hair just as they keep the hair on their heads. I know what it is like to let your masculine side think this is not for you believe me. I am a 235lb tattooed up rocker that likes to workout and play my guitar. LOL. But once I started making my own concoctions of ingredients and putting them to use I never stopped because there is a difference.

At first I thought I can just continue to use the shampoo and conditioner from the shower on my face just like I am sure many of you are doing or thinking about doing but I soon realized after doing heavy research there are many ingredients that are essential for your facial hair that regular shampoos for your head do not contain. I also wanted something that had a certain smell to it.

It was this moment that made me start making my own recipes and mixing quality elements that I learned are much better for you face and facial hair.

This became a daily routine for my self, and now a few years later its 2015 and even celebrities are becoming fans and customers as well. Check out some of these looks. You may be asking how do the beards look so maintained, shiny and smooth like silk. I did all the experimenting for you and I have answers and tips.

These oils nourish your facial hair and your skin beneath

Beard oil hydrates to the skin and helps soften as well as tame beard hair. It means it as well do double-duty as a fashioning agent. According to experts, the ideal beard has to look groomed and shiny– not dusty, shaggy and flaky. I must admit my beard was very flaky and probably filled with dry beer suds before I started becoming my own personal groomer.

I recommend you put any of these products on in the morning after cleansing or showering. This way, the hair pores, and follicles are open and can directly absorb the oil. To care for skin, mostly miniaturization and cleansing, is crucial, particularly if you stay in a dry or cold climate. Like I mentioned earlier weather always plays a part on your “face hair day” especially when it is long and out of control.

Quality and the Best Beard Balms will keep facial hair smelling fresh and flake-free

Thanks to conditioning oils, long facial hair is enough for taming those unmanageable hairs and remove flakes. And with numerous musky/woody indispensable oils like sandalwood and cedar wood; this often ignored product also performs as a natural fragrance.

Easy and Quick DIY Beard Oil Method

The recipe is perhaps the quickest and easiest out of the mentioned ones online so far. DIY handouts for men present you a domestic beard oil recipe that takes a short period to make. All required is three Tea Tree oil drops, two to three drops of sweet almond oil and eucalyptus essential oil. Again this is a simple quick alternative if you really don’t want to spend a few bucks on the higher end quality brands that I prefer.

The Best Organic Beard Oil Reviews on the Marketplace

If you are not a –self-service- chemist and lacks time for roaming organic shops, in search of essential oils, beeswax or shea butter, why not resort to ready-made beard conditioners and balms? The following is an all-natural, leave-in, veggie welcoming beard balm, which is made from butter and organic oils. It is known as the Honest Amish Beard Oil.

It is reasonable, makes rogue and coarse hairs manageable and soft and stops the new growth itch. The producers of the Honest Amish Beard Oil state that this is the utmost trusted make for beards worldwide. The balm comprises of the best organic ingredients, such as virgin argan, avocado, virgin pumpkin seed, apricot kernel oil, and grape seed. It also has delightfully scented nut and fruit butter like shea butter, cocoa, kokum and aloe, and hair nutritious essential oils.

And how about it for an assurance – the producers claim that it is the best beard conditioner users have ever applied. If you disagree, just return the product. Finally, the oil has no artificial preservatives or colors and is filled with an entirely recyclable tin.

I hope you are enjoying my rant and if your looking for ‘DIY” or where you should buy any of these products and get the best deals, reviews and tips then please join my email list and visit me on my social websites. Like me on Facebook and check out my Youtube Channel.