Beard Bleaching Gone Wrong OR Right?!! | KristenLeanneStyle


Yep…Ryan got sick of the gray growing in his beard, so we decided to BLEACH IT!! So you guys know, I’m NOT a professional hair colorist or stylist…so this was interesting! We both love the way it turned out, so stay tuned to see the final result. Thanks for watching and supporting me, I love hearing from you guys so please comment below what you’d like to see next!

*Disclaimer: use bleach on your face or someone else’s at your own risk! I am NOT a professional stylist, I just like to grip it and rip it. We use bleach that is NOT meant to be put on your face, but we do it anyway, it works fine on Ryan. For touching up, we use 20 vol.

Blondor Bleach
Poseidon + Aquamarine + Arctic Mist hair color

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