Back Rounding, High Pulls, Asian Beard (Q&A)


0:03 What do you think is the best deadlift variation ? & how about best squat variation
1:24 I can’t do an above the knee rackpull, would a mid-thigh rackpull be close to as beneficial?
2:33 Yo Alex what do you think about the snatch grip behind the back rack pull?
3:21 it makes no sense that you can round your back on jefferson or btb deadlifts. your spinal erectors have the function to straighten the back. if they fail (because of too high loads) the back rounds. so if there was a big reduction in stress on the back you still should be able to keep the back straight. if you can’t hold it straight, then there is a load on the back that you can’t handle.
6:07 Does longer bicep tendon mean stronger biceps/strict curl?
7:17 Alex, how do you feel about the high pull?
9:24 Alex, what do you think about polyphasic sleep and training? Is it possible to get a good rest by sleeping 4 hours by day?
11:11 Why do you claim that a low fat/high carb diet is better? What is wrong with getting the calories fromgood fat instead of carbs?
12:58 Are meat substitutes proven to be healthier than meat?
14:23 Any tips for acne?
16:01 Hey Alex, could a deadlift with bands serve as a deadlift+rack pull combo? To explode those traps and posterior chain simultaneously.
17:47 Hey alex, How do you manage volume and intensity?
18:41 What do you feel of band face pulls for building the side delts?
19:58 Hey Alex! Some people say, that there is little to no carryover from bent arm to straight arm strength. Whats your take on this, because you’re good at front levers but haven’t been training long time for straight arm strength.
22:07 If I box squat more weight will my vertical increase the stronger I get? If so will doing Bulgarian increase my vertical like crazy
23:14 AlphaDestiny I don’t feel my glutes working when I do reverse lunges, what am I doing wrong?
24:04 How do I effectively train for american football/rugby? (Mainly to gain muscle and prevent injury) Thanks!
25:29 How do asians or any person without good facial hair genetics utilize bear mode? Or should these type of people go for the hollywood look
27:25 What do you think about using plate loaded hammer strength machines
27:55 Do you think frontlever trainning can build a decent back?
28:17 My forearms get tired fast during bench press any tips
29:27 What does your new beard oil consist of??
30:35 Yo Alex, how do you set up new goals for yourself? I’m successful but can’t get hyped for anything. I’ve been searching for something, but so far haven’t been able to find it

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