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2DollarBeardClub.com is the first beard care monthly membership for less than /month. For just /per month you can become a member and have beard oil delivered directly to your door every month.
Congratulations! You’ve found 2dollarbeardclub.com What is 2dollarbeardclub you ask? It’s a magical place where for 2 dollars a month, we send you all-natural, american made, high quality beard oil right to your door. You can afford 2 dollars a month, just look in your couch for some spare change. There’s gotta be worth of change in there and probably some lint… and a pen …and food crumbs…and…hey Look! A dirty old sock. Now you can stop blaming the dryer for the mismatched socks you’re wearing. Go ahead and fix your socks, I’ll wait. (short pause)
Ok?! Moving On…Everyone can figure out a way to affored 2 dollars a month. If you have a beard, you need beard oil. If you don’t have a beard, I feel sorry for you but I’m willing to bet you know someone with a beard and getting them beard oil delivered directly to their door every month would instantly qualify you as being among the greatest human beings in all of history. Ever. Our beard oil has no harsh chemicals and its completely all-natural, so you know it’s safe to put on your face. Our oils protect your beard, moisturize your skin and your facial hair, and make your beard smell irresistable.
I know you want to care for your beard, That little rascal just grows on you. I mean, think about all it’s done for you. It’s made you look like a real man. Come on, Save a boat load of cash, help your beard stay healthy, while you support hard working americans. Psh. It’s a no brainer, so head on over to 2DollarBeardClub.com, the magical place where you get high quality beard oil sent to your door for only 2 dollars a month.