2017 Homemade Beard Oil in Hindi | Make your own beard oil at home |


2017 Homemade beard Oil in Hindi , Make your own beard oil at home, How to grow beard Naturally |

Facial hair has become quite popular over the past few years& recently in 2016. Even campaigns such as November and Decembeard, for prostate awareness, have made the beard more popular. The New York Times published an article stating that the beard has become quite common in professional settings. That brings even more reason for good hygiene with the beard! Yes, you may have to give thought to how you manage that beard based on what your office environment is. (1)

For some, growing a beard is not easy and for others, it comes so fast that it is a challenge to keep up with it. But for those that sport the beard, taking good care of it is important; in fact, most beards need daily care or they go from a sexy look to a scruffy and unkempt look. You need to wash, trim and condition it to help keep it well-groomed. So, yes, beard maintenance is crucial if you plan to wear one.

The good news is that it does not have to be costly to do so, and you definitely do not need to buy an expensive beard maintenance kit. Have you heard of beard oil? Beard oil is very easy to make yourself with just a few ingredients. The best beard oil moisturizes your beard using ingredients such as coconut oil for the beard. Coconut oil will soften it, allowing you to tame it and reduce itchiness. In addition, beard oil provides hydration to your skin. You want the beard to look shiny and well-groomed, instead of dusty and shaggy. Now In this video i will show you how to make beard oil as well as how to use Homemade beard oil.

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