#1 Surprising Secret To Instantly Improve Your Beard Game | 5 Benefits Pre Washing Your Beard


#1 Surprising Secret To Instantly Improve Your Beard Game

Is the pre wash beard treatment. Pre washing your beard is a treatment you apply to your beard prior to the beard wash and beard conditioner.

Curly and Kinky Beards
Our curly and kinky beard are highly susceptible to dryness and damage that lead to breakage. The pre wash beard treatment purpose is to make your beard stronger and promote beard growth.

There are 5 benefits to pre washing your beard

1. Prevents beard wash from over drying your beard

2. Moisture Booster. Moisture is essential for kinky and curly beards

3. Less beard breakage will help with keeping beard growth

4. Softer Beard when using this treatment consistently

5. Protect beard from damage. Repeated expansion and contraction is known as hygral fatigue.

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